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At Destination Life, we are committed to helping all families who come to us and need our services. We strive hard not to make payment for services an obstacles or barrier to receiving them.

Pediatric Therapy

We works by helping children develop, improve, or regain cognitive, physical and motor functions, which can boost their confidence and self-worth. 

Adult Therapy

We assist patients in examining and enhancing their physical, emotional, behavioural, and interpersonal functioning.


We help in reducing the swelling and preventing complications of Lymphedema. 


Our intake coordinator will work with you to determine if you have benefits that cover Occupational Therapy before you start the program.

Out of Network – If we are not in-network with your carrier we can still help you determine whether you have any coverage to pay us as an Out of Network therapist.

In Network – We are in network with the following carrier :

  • BCBS

  • WellMed

  • Wellcare

  • Aetna

  • Aetna Better

  • Amerigroup

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Oscar

  • Cigna Healthsprings

  • Molina Health plans

  • Humana Health plans

  • Work Comp

  • and more......

1. Network Gap Exceptions

A network gap exception (also called Single Case Agreements and Network Deficiency Coverage) is a tool health insurance companies use to compensate for gaps in their networks of contracted healthcare providers.  If there are no OTs in network with your carrier in our area, we may be able to help you get coverage through this
2.Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Health Savings Accounts
According to IRS Publication 502, Occupational therapy services are eligible for reimbursement from flexible spending accounts (FSA), health savings accounts ( HSA), health reimbursement accounts (HRA), dependent care flexible spending accounts ( DCFSA) and limited care flexible spending accounts
( LCFSA).  If you have any of these accounts through your employer, we will be able to help you determine the frequency and duration of services your family member may need so that you can make financial contributions to use during the year. 

3. Pre-Pay, Prompt Pay and Financial Hardship Considerations

In addition, there may be other options available to you:


On a case-by-case basis, we may be able to offer you a prepay, prompt pay or partial waiver of our fees for financial hardships. 

Feel free to email our coordinator in confidence at to discuss payment options.

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